Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

When the weather gets hot outside, there is nothing more important than making sure it stays cool and comfortable inside your car. You want to know that with merely a flick of a switch, cool, refreshing air is on its way.

That’s why Auto Kruser's has trained and certified experts when it comes to auto air conditioning. With over 30 years of experience servicing most cars, SUVs and light trucks, foreign or domestic.

Auto Kruser’s mechanics keep your AC working in tip-top shape with a performance check that looks for loose belts and any improper AC operation. At Auto Kruser's they can also perform a dye injection leak test to identify any leaks your AC unit may have, and if needed, evacuate and recharge your auto air conditioning system.

Let Auto Kruser's help keep you cool by taking the sweat out of keeping your auto air conditioning working at peak performance. Stop in today or make an appointment at Auto Kruser's.

For expert car care and repair, "Don’t Worry… Call Auto Kruser's!"

That's… Kruser with a 'K', Cool guys with a 'C'

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