Just like a regular oil change or tire rotation, keeping your headlights maintained is critical to your car’s safety and performance. A recent study showed about 2,300 pedestrians are killed annually in the U.S because of drivers’ inability to see at night.

There are several things you can do to keep your headlights maintained. Some you can do yourself. Others require a little mechanical expertise.

What you can do:

  • Keep them clean. Give them a quick scrub when you wash your windows at the gas station. Clean headlights can help you see better and can help prevent glare, which can be intensified by dust and dirt particles on the glass.
  • What we can do:

  • Make sure they’re aimed properly. Headlight aim can often be knocked out of position by driving off-road or over potholes, which may contribute to unsafe nighttime driving conditions. The guys at Auto Kruser's can make the proper adjustments to your headlights.
  • It’s also important to make sure your headlights are free of road chips, condensation and surface scratches - these things decrease visibility and contribute to glare while driving.

    When a headlight burns out, visibility is diminished and the safety of passengers and pedestrians can be compromised. Proactively changing bulbs and carrying a spare in your glove compartment are two simple ways to reduce accident risk. Auto Kruser's carries a full line of replacement headlights including LED and xenon headlights.

    Don’t keep auto safety in the dark any longer. Stop by today for a free inspection and make sure your headlights are in good working condition. The guys at Auto Kruser's can also check your tail lights, brake lights, and license plate light, not only to keep you safe on the road, but to keep you from getting a ticket!

    For expert car care and repair, "Don’t Worry… Call Auto Kruser's!"

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