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Brake System Repair & Service

Brake System Repair and Service

At Auto Kruser's they're brake repair experts; that’s important when it comes to safety, there’s nothing more important than being able to stop properly. It’s a service that Auto Kruser's takes seriously and they take the time to do a brake inspection everytime your car is on the lift.

Think of all the times you touch the pedal during a typical drive. Multiply that by a week, a month, a year. That’s a lot of wear and tear on your braking system. That’s why it’s important to keep yours in top condition. Auto Kruser's can help with free inspections.

Auto Kruser's has the experience you can trust. For over 30 years, our trained mechanics have been servicing drums, rotors, calipers, wheel bearings, master cylinders, anti-lock brake systems and everything else to do with brake service for all types of cars, vans and light trucks – foreign and domestic.

Whether you need diagnostic testing, a hydraulic system flush or an emergency brake system repair, Auto Kruser's keeps your car not only running smoothly, but stopping smoothly as well.

And while something as important as brake repair should never be skimped on, Auto Kruser's offers drivers a great value, too. With Auto Kruser's, you get brand name parts, technicians who are trained, tested and top of the line all for a price that’s surprisingly affordable.

Why trust your safety, why trust your family’s safety to anyone less than Auto Kruser's?

We've been keeping families safe for more than thirty years.

For expert car care and repair, "Don’t Worry… Call Auto Kruser's!"

That's… Kruser with a 'K', Cool guys with a 'C'

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