Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers

Properly working wipers are crucial for your safety when the weather is bad. The windshield wipers on your car should maintain a clear field of vision for the driver.

At Auto Kruser's we have certified technicians that has been providing complete auto service for over thirty years now. For almost every sort of car, van, SUV or light truck, imported or domestic, we deliver knowledgeable and professional service. Inspecting and making sure every part of your vehicle is in good working condition is part of the job – and that includes your windshield wipers.

No job is too small and Auto Kruser's will inspect your wipers for free. We’ll check your wiper blades for hardness, cuts, splits, or any other damage that may prevent your windshield wipers from performing properly. Our automotive experts will repair anything wrong or, if necessary, provide various sizes of wipers for most makes and models for replacement, including winter wiper blades.

Worn wiper blades are not only annoying -- they are dangerous. Most driving decisions are based on a clear and unobstructed view of the road. A dirty or worn wiper will cause streaking and smearing on your windshield at times when vision is of the utmost importance.

Weather also plays an important role in your wiper blades’ deterioration. Freezing temperatures can make the rubber in your blades hard and brittle with a tendency to crack and tear.

How often should you have your windshield wipers checked? Wiper blades can deteriorate after 6 to 12 months exposure to the elements and should be inspected regularly. Call for an appointment or stop by Auto Kruser's for your free inspection.

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