How Your Vehicle Works

Fuel System & Injectors

Fuel injectors deliver fuel into an engine's combustion chambers to be burned.

Electronic fuel injection consists of more than just the fuel injectors. A computer oversees the entire system, determining when the injectors spray and how much fuel is delivered. A number of sensors send vital information back to the computer to be processed. For instance, the throttle position sensor monitors where the gas pedal, also called the throttle, is positioned; the farther down the gas pedal is pushed, the faster the engine goes, and the more frequently the fuel injectors must spray. Another sensor, the oxygen sensor, monitors the levels of unburned fuel in the exhaust; if too much fuel is passing through without being burned, the sensor tells the computer that the engine is running too rich, and the computer tells the injectors to spray less fuel at each rotation.

Fuel injectors make it possible to protect the air and conserve gas by preventing unnecessary fuel from being dumped into a car's engine. Fuel injectors also give cars better power and acceleration, as well as the potential for performance levels of power by essentially reprogramming the computer or increasing the fuel pressure levels.

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