How Your Vehicle Works

Vehicle Cooling Systems


The engine of your car produces a tremendous amount of heat when in operation. Your vehicle is equipped with a cooling system to help prevent your car from becoming too hot. Liquid coolant is circulated through and around your engine to keep its vital components cool, and in the process, this coolant becomes extremely hot. The radiator is designed to transfer the heat from this liquid to its metal coils, and then the heat is dispelled through ventilation. If the radiator or any other cooling system component fails, then the car can quickly overheat and cause damage to your engine.

Here are some critical components of a radiator:

Inlet Tank

This is the area of the radiator where the hot water/coolant from your engine enters the radiator for cooling in the radiator.

Outlet Tank

The area where the coolant is sent after being cooled by the radiator coils.

Inlet/Outlet Connections

The short tubes where the radiator hose connects to the radiator.


The area where the liquid gets cooled. It is composed of metal tubes and many zig-zag shaped fins. The coolant passes through the tubes, and the heat from the liquid passes to the fins and then is dissipated into the air.

High Efficiency Core

A core that has more fins per inch, more tubes per radiator and overall, more cooling capacity.


The 'pipes' that send the coolant through the radiator. Generally, more tubes indicate more cooling capacity.

Transmission/Engine Oil Coolers

These are devices that are constructed inside the tanks of the radiator to transfer heat from transmission oil/engine oil to the liquid coolant for heat dissipation.

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